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** Tribe War **
** Background **

Recently, a super bountiful mine which located between the two main cities Vast Sky City & Billow City has been found by scouts from both of the two tribes.  Tribe leaders from both Cosmos and Chaos tribe decide to snatch the mineral resource to strengthen their own power.  It seems that a resource snatching war is about to kick off at once…


Welcome to join this PVP event!

Map of Tribe War areas



** Event Reward **

System will send reward to your in-game mailbox after event ends.


  • Military Merit Reward

    Finish mining quest to get Military Merit.
    Defeat players from other tribe to get Military Merit.
    Victor tribe will get amount of Military Merit.


    Military Merit can be used to by various items at NPC Tribe War Pay Officer.

    NPC Tribe War Pay Officer sells various items


  • Extra Reward

    Top three players on mining ranking list and military merit ranking list will get extra reward and be announced in rumor channel.


    Mining Top 1: Luck Stone x3
    Mining Top 2: Luck Stone x2
    Mining Top 3: Luck Stone x1


    Military Merit Top 1: Nimbus Stone x3
    Military Merit Top 2: Nimbus Stone x2
    Military Merit Top 3: Nimbus Stone x1


     Luck Stone: Precious stone. Use it to increase 5% success rate in enhancing items.
     Nimbus Stone: Precious stone. Use it to increase 5% success rate and decrease 10% enhancing fee in enhancing items.


    Click “Double sword button” to check ranking during event time.




** Event Time **


6:00~7:00 on every Sunday morning (Server Time / GMT-8)

*If one tribe has got 15000 points of resource before event ends, tribe war will come to an end in advance.


** Event Requirement **


Everyone above level 40 can join.



** Event Content **


When tribe war starts, players can enter war areas.  5 minutes later, resource snatching war will kick off formally.  There is no death punishment within event areas and players can leave or enter event areas at any time.



Event Entrance:

NPC Tribe War Pay Officer in Cosmos Tribe:(716,-1656)
NPC Tribe War Pay Officer in Chaos Tribe:(791,-1676)



  1. To get resource for tribe
    1. 1.1 Mining:


The mine is between the territory of two tribes, in the south of Vast Sky City and north of Billow City.  Players accept quest at NPC Quartermaster, mining the mineral resource, and hand in them to Quartermaster to get resource for tribe.




NPC Quartermaster - Chaos Tribe offers quests



      1.2 Occupy Camp


Around the mine there are four camps: Basaltic Camp, Azure Dragon Camp, White Tiger Camp and Vermilion Bird Camp.  Players occupy the camp by raising flag (click to raise it).  When flag is raised, tribe resource will be got continually.  More camps your tribe occupies, faster the tribe resource increases.  If all the four camps are occupied by one tribe, its resource will increase in double rate.


Raise Flag to get resource



2. To get Military Merit


2.1 Mining:


Finish mining quest to get 5 points of Military Merit every time.  Mining quest can be done repeatedly.



2.2 Defeat players from opposite tribe:

Defeat players from opposite tribe to get Military Merit.  The Military Merit value you get is decided by the player’s level and continuous defeating.



2.3 Win the Tribe War

The victor tribe will get amounts of Military Merit reward.


*Player has to own a certain amount of Military Merit as a prerequisite to get tribe war victory reward. 

A player of level 40~49 will be rewarded 5000 Military Merit, and he has owned 300 Military Merit as a prerequisite.


A player of level 50~59 will be rewarded 10000 Military Merit, and he has owned 600 Military Merit as a prerequisite.



** Winning condition **


Condition 1: Within event time, the tribe gets 15000 points of resource at first will win.

Condition 2: Both tribes haven’t got 15000 points of resource when event ends, the tribe with more resource will win.